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Prodigy Orthotics was founded in Burnaby BC in 2007 by Lowell Jordan, C. Ped. and moved to Surrey BC in 2012. Dr. Jordan then founded Spring Foot Wellness Experts Inc. in 2014 at the same location.

Prodigy Orthotics Inc. is a privately owned and operated Orthotics Laboratory. It operates within the extended or supplementary healthcare industry and serves patients in the Province of British Columbia through medical benefits under the Medical Services Plan (MSP) which covers the larger part of the cost of medically required services.

Services are at Prodigy and both Spring Medical & Health Centre’s are provided by physicians, pedorthists and supplementary health care practitioners.


Prodigy Orthotics focuses on providing patients with custom made orthotics, truly unique to each patients specific requirements.


Prodigy is a fully equipped lab manufacture all orthotics from a non-weight-bearing cast. This captures the true three-dimensional neutral position of the foot. Everything is custom made and they do not modify any prefabricated devices or use pressure analysis library supports.

Prodigy uses only the highest quality materials available and each custom orthotic they produce goes through a minimum of 10 quality control checks.

Prodigy shares their expertise to elevate all patients quality of life, by identifying root causes to pain and discomfort.

They are renowned for our friendly, knowledgeable staff.


Prodigy Orthotics hand-crafts and carves
custom orthotics on-site by  Pedorthist,
Lowell Jordan, C. Ped.

The Team

The Prodigy team goes the extra mile to help their patients.

The team is a cooperation between many different groups, healthcare providers and Doctors focusing on different aspects of healthcare.

Wherever possible the team refers to the service providers operating within Prodigy Orthotics and Spring Foot Wellness Experts at both Spring Health Centre, in Surrey and Spring Integrative Medical Centre, in Burnaby.

Portrait Of Medical Team Smiling To Camera

The Lab

The Prodigy Orthotics lab is owned and operated by a Pedorthist, who understands how foot alignments work in your body and how to properly construct adjustments that will improve your quality of life dramatically.

Prodigy can manufacture custom orthotics for all your shoes, including flip-flops, high heels and dress shoes – as well as your everyday walking or work shoes!


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